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Oct. 3rd, 2007

Fucking Z vs Fucking H

So something happend.

When Z found out I had been reading her blog, and in turn knew all of her innermost secret thoughts about me, she broke down. She apologized repeatedly about it. Which was ok.

The next week I blew her off.

Then after that I finally came over, and we were right back to it, but not without a difference. In her breaking down, she admitted that she actually liked me, and started to feel connected to me.

Now when she is with me she's H. She is still up to the same shit, she has been, fucking other guys (which i could care less), but she's more genuine.

She wont do anal, but I want to think of something hot and kinky and new to do with her.... what should it be?

Sep. 21st, 2007

Yeah busy

Yeah busy

Getting really busy. I mentioned the other night K, who is hot, thai, big volume filled hair with bleached highlights...

I met her about a month ago at a starbucks of all places. Usually, I go to starbucks to hideout with a friend and just shoot the shit, not really to meet people or a dating scene etc.

I am sitting there drinking my mocha, and notice I am sitting next to a really cute girl and a guy. My friend says, "she's pretty cute".
"well why dont you go for it?"
"She's with that guy.."
"LOL, no she's not, he's gay.."
"prove it."

I almost felt like Marty McFly being called chicken at that point. The guy gets up to walk away, and starts talking to another girl, I turn to K and say:
"WTF, Your guy is talking to other girls, its written all over your face.. your pissed"
"What? Uh... No im not... Uh... He's gay... He's my gay friend, and.. I'm single.."

From there we led right off on the right foot, I talked her into pulling a piece of metal fiber that was stuck in my palm out with her tweasers, then she said something like, "heh, lets get out of here, I want to go to a bar!"

We toured a couple of bars, she actually showed ME a cool new one, and we ended up at my friends house house. She wanted us to put on porn. Then I got tired, and my friend got rejected and we just passed out.

Fast forward a month, and I had been stringing her along. Honestly she's just been on the back burner with Z,D and M running around, plus my work (you'll have to keep guessing to figure out what I REALLY do). One night I'm at home working, and she texts:
"what are you doing?"
"Nothing just working, U?"
"Laying here fucking horny... bored"
"want me to come over?"
"hell yes."

Yeah, so that was @ like 7pm, and I finally got over there at like 10:30pm, fucking work keeps me.

I get over to her place.. I really should have had her come here, but I don't want to expose people to too many girls at once, but She lives with her parents which is cool, her mom talked shit in thai, something like "he's hot, but they all are, always a new face huh k?" I can understand shit talking in ANY language, but I got the translation from her. The problem with her house, was her dog, she kept in her room, in a cage, and her DAD, who was a passed out alcoholic down stairs..

Either way, all of her bragging about being the one to make the first move was bullshit, because she layed there, just afraid to make a move, because she had asked for it. Her mom had got to her...

back rub and she was feeling much better, started getting some very spicy hot kisses in there, and lots of great groping. She has awesome breasts, beating M's out by a long shot, with oh so hot tatoo'd stars right on the cleavage (not that I am one for tat's but this was a turn on for me). With her laying on her stomach I worked my way down her legs casually, and started biting her ass.. she moaned in pleasure... I pulled her sweat pants off with my teeth, grabbed her hair, and went to town on her ass with my tongue.

Working my way down to her pussy, it tasted amazing. One of the thing I enjoy the MOST about sex is eating a girl out. I love to hear them scream, giving them pleasure, them soaking the sheets, dripping cum into my mouth, feeling their body shake, them pulling my hair, and my face onto their pussy, and I especially love it when they ride my face.
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But K didn't like it... the same with Z for that matter. So its either every other girl has lied to me, and I am fucking horrible at it, or what K and Z said was true, that K has never had an orgasm except for masturbating, and Z... well you'll just have to read her blog to find out how much she didn't like what I do with my tongue (but she loves fingers so shes a G girl not a C girl).

Once I knew that though, the sex was instantly not fun for me. Its one thing to fake it, I can tell. It's a whole other to tell someone you are not receiving any real pleasure from sex whatsoever.

With her begging me, and calling me a tease for wanting to stay down there too long, I pulled my pants off, and presented my cock, grabbed her by the hair:
"Suck it baby"
"oh, i don't do that...just put it in me, I need it"

Ok, strike two.

K:"Do you have condoms?"
"Yeah of course, always be prepared"
"oh, you brought condoms?"

And gives me this inquisitive look like "what kind of girl do you take me for", obviously her mom's words had gotten to her.

I put my condom on, spit on the tip, and slowly enter her dripping wet pussy (orgasm or not, she was drenching the sheets), I moan on insertion because of how amazingly tight her little hole is around my cock. She moans simultaneously at how girthy my cock is in her little hole.

I fuck her for about 30mins, until she screams "I need a break!"
"Why we just got started??" (seriously)
"i've never had sex with someone for more than 15mins"


And it was good too, she got on top of me and rode me and her moves were amazing, in comparison to Z's teenage and retarded at times moves, she took the cake.

Giving her a break, I try once more to bring her to orgasm via very very light clit licking (she told me she was a clit girl), and I almost get her there, she scratches the back of my neck, but right at the 20min mark, my tongue gives out and she loses it.

Lies, tells me she came... unggggg

I fuck her some more, its awesome, so tight, even too tight. I don't have a incredibly long cock, but I must have hit her cervix one too many times doing doggy, because finally she cries in pain and falls to the bed.

This is NOT what I wanted to happen.

I hang out for a while more, and take off to go home.. she feels weird, I feel weird, she questions me if guys really do get blue balls, I say no, go home and jack off to porn.

But don't get me wrong, I'll do it again.

Sep. 20th, 2007

The ponderance...

The ponderance....

This blog was created in response to Z, who I am going to see for the first time before the whole fiasco.

Need more time to blog.


Tomorrow you will get.

Dirty sex with D.

New Fuck with K.

M try's to sell me out to D, now M swears she wants nothing to do with me ever again (one could only hope).

I have to hack D's myspace to recover a confession email I sent off in haste.

This blog was supposed to mark the beggining of me comming to terms with who I am, am I lying now about M to D? Do I have something to hide.

Is there more raunchy sex happening in just a few?

Kiss and Tell? What IS the Policy of Truth.

Sep. 11th, 2007

Stuck in the M hole.

Stuck in the M hole.

It goes such that the next 3 months were wild and random encounters, meeting here or there, sneaking over wherever and fucking like rabbits. She was a bit chubby around the waist, and never had an intelligent thing to say, did I mention NO tits, but god was her pussy tight.

One night I ended up by her, at a very lame party, I called her over and she offered to gangbang the whole party, now thats hot, I don't care who you are. She didn't though, because everyone there was too busy being big pussies, so they just watched us fuck... err one of my friends ate her out for about 30 seconds, but then freaked out... god freaks... my friends need to grow up.

Somewhere after this magical 3 month marker, the party girl disappeared and we started into the downward spiral of clingy feelings and an over bearing pull on her part to have a relationship. Which is really no problem, minus the fact that is NOT what I wanted. Just FYI, besides being drop dead gorgeous, you have to be fucking brilliant for me to want you around, sorry if your not, then I'm just not there.

Taking XanaX every time you fuck tends to spice things up a bit as well, but soon enough she was handing XanaX out to me like candy, just so I wouldn't lose it on her, because frankly, I couldn't stand her.

She continued to pine away at some form of high school relationship (she was only 19), but still had to keep the front up that she was a party animal. She brought up the idea of a threesome, with another girl. Score right?

Not for Stephen.

Historically, every woman I have slept with, where the subject of that 3 way was brought up, has traditionally had the same response; "You are just too amazing to share."

So of course I tell her to find the girl, and she tells me to, so I call out L v2.0, mostly because I could care less about her (cokewhore?) and M was 100 miles away.

Note: This was a TRICK, to find out who else I was sleeping with, compare and compete against them.

I probably should have known better, no, I DID know better, I did it anyways. I introduced them online. After M watched L v2.0 Blow me live on Yahoo Cam, and M and Lv2.0 talked allot via AIM they both came to me with this startling statement.

"We don't need you, we are going to F each other, you call us crazy to the other one, thats not cool."

And the next day... Lv2.0 was on her back in my room, getting slammed, hair pulled, choked and a nice huge cum shot on her face.

It didn't take long for M to come back around either.......

That is probably the juiciest part of M that can be written, which is sad for someone I dated casually for so many months, Ending it the other night felt so right, and as confess to each event, I feel more and more free.

Its you

Its you

Yes, Its me!

Via AIM:

M: Maybe its not us.. maybe it is you..

In response to my breaking it off with M, that is what she wrote.

Oh, and LZ too, told you I'd blog you, more to come on you later.(she's officially gone too)

I broke it off with M because I got tired of her shit. The sex started off incredible and ended somewhere I didn't want to be. M got clinging, and annoying, like really annoying. She tried to pull my dick out in front of my little brother at least 10 times.

She started making kissy noises at me like a dog, I almost hit her, and I've never hit a girl before. We went to disneyland to chill out because it was 113 in the shade, and she got mad because of splashing water.... fucking prude.

But it didnt start out that way.

M and I met off craigslist, which has been one ridiculous incident after the next (in ref to CL).  We talked online for a little bit.  I made a post there with something to the effect of:

"lets go out and party tonight, who wants to meet me at xyz bar?"
Picture of Stephen naked laying face down on a bed.


Sure to attract like, 100 responses, 35% fat women, 65% gay guys.  And M wrote back:

"You're too cute to be on Craigslist"

Ego Boost up!  And we were chatting.

We decided to meet, and I brought along SS.  We had the grand idea of going to an 18 and over techno club.  The club turned out to be a royal bust (it was a huge mexican scene, we didn't even go inside).  We took SS back to his car, and went and just "talked" in her car alone on the side of a school.  A little chit chat.....

I lean over and grab her, right on the sholder in that firm cave-man way, but with all the class of the geiko cave man doing blow off a Royksopp cd case.  Pulling her in, I kiss her, even though she is pulling away.  She's a little slut and knows exactly what she just drove 100 miles for.  After the initial embrace, she gives and falls into my arms.  I stick my hand down her blouse to find the most exquisit nipple, and proceed to twist, she starts to pull away from our kiss and I bite her bottom lip, keeping her there.

Working my hand down her body, firmly gripping it every few inches, I stuff my hand down her pants, breaking the button off her designer slacks.  Sliding my hand down her lips, I can feel she has just freshly shaved, obviously, she came with a reason.  Slowly I work the sides of her clit with my finger.  I move away from her lips, bite her cheek, and then lick my way into the nape of her neck.

Her pussy soaked her panties.

It started making its way to her designer slacks, and she quickly took them off.  It was difficult for her in the drivers seat of her car, I helped her while still working her clit.  After they were off, I helped her put her slut pumps back on, still working it.  She moaned with anticipation, and I worked my mouth from her kneecap to her hip, to her breast, back up to her mouth.

After about 10 more minuets of making out, and a very hard bite on my tounge to let me know something down there had happend, I worked down with my mouth.  Drilling in I touched on the 3 basic styles of clit licking that 99% of clit licking women like.  Asking her she loved the side to side just on top and i gave it to her.  This time I could feel her building, and she was creaming all down my chin.  She screamed and dug her nails into my seat, then grabbed my hair to pull me away just before she climaxed.  I pulled against her and stuffed my middle finger into her hole, still working her clit with my tounge.

She screamed loud and hard, her back went tense, and she collapsed.  Hell yeah, 4 hours together and her first hard orgasm.

Oh and Ms Unscripted, I called her, she didnt pick up, left a voicemail, and nothing back.  I think i was right... ughhhh

Sep. 9th, 2007

And I am laying in bed.

And I am laying in bed.

I jumped in the shower, cleaned myself down, shaved and got all sexy. I stepped just out of the shower to the sound of my phone receiving a text message.

"When you coming?"

"IDK, I just got out of the shower, but I am pretty tired too"

"Well its up to you, maybe tomorrow will be better."

"Yeah I am just going to crash at home"

I don't know if me coming over tonight was supposed to confirmation that everything is aok. I would think. I am tired, like really fucking tired, I didn't even sleep last night, staying up all night tracking down and reading all the steamy hot sex that has been abuzz on the web the last couple months, with me.

So is it resentment that is holding me back? Maybe. I feel like changing my mind right now, but I know she's probably already called someone else, and is out, no sense in calling.

For now I'll take the high ground, play it cool, and just act like I don't care.

NSA right? No feelings at all.
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Mozilla Spell Check, hands down.

Kick it off right

Last post of the night.

Just had to get this blog started right.

I am going to fuck her tonight, and I'm going to fuck her hard. I read her blog, how she wants to be slapped around, chocked and cum shot all over her face.

Thats exactly what I am going to give her.

Why she couldn't have told me, I have no clue...

Why it had to get the point of her listing our sexual exploits for the last 6 months online, and published in print has escaped me.

but I know what she likes now, but can I be that guy?

A pause for Air, and hung

A pause for Air, and hung

something that needs to be addressed... but will take a little too long to do right here, right now.

The synopsis is L2.0 and M, two blonde's which filled the void between Choi's visits around. L2.0 (because she carries the same name as D) did the typical I am so in love with you thing. She scarred Choi off I think, one night on the dance floor... who knows.. but back to dream girl so I can complete this long story.

Choi touches base with me at least three times during the pause.

Once to ask about my friend SS who's written her an angry drunk email meant for me.

Once to ask if everything is allright after this
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KickFlipped Car

Once More to leave a little note on my comments to tell me she misses me and wants to see me.

Is this a redeeming moment? On her page for the last forever she has had posted:

"everyone deserves a blank slate"

Getting to something?

We link up. Go to ESPN zone, laugh, talk, dream and Drink! We roam the zone, touching casually, I make every intention to not talk about me too much and focus on her, lots of eye contact, lots of smiles, very sincere... which I actually was. ESPN zone closes down early and we drive over to her favorite hole in the cellar. A couple more margarita's and we are on our way to her house. Still the vibe isnt right, there's not that bounce back, that hand holding or that touch.

Its been so long since i've seen her last she's moved, has a new dog (the old one died) and an awesome pool. Drunk we strip down to our underwear and wade on in. We chill, play, but something seems to be holding me back. The asshole isn't leading, I am leading, just Stephen. She goes for the jacuzzi, and invites me and I follow, we jump in, its small so we are close. Her legs under mine, and I reach into the water and touch her sweet foot, and caress it.

After a delayed pause where she closes her eyes and breathes out, she opens her eyes back up, and stares at the water saying "this is filthy... uh lets get out". Back out into the pool, we hang out for a little more, then retire back inside. Throw some clothes on, choi offers to make a drink.

Its horrid, she beat me to it, I was on my way getting up and she was already back with it, vodka with some horrible orange punch. She drinks it quickly, and I finish the rest. Everything from there is a blur but included playing sexy snow bunny dress up, then a very drunk and quite delicious microwaved bowl of tofu and soy sauce.

We retire into her bedroom after 5 mins of pointless television, and us curled up on the couch, feeding her tofu. Once inside, we take off our clothes down to my jeans, and choi down to her bra and panties, we lay down, spoon in bed and drift off to sleep.

In the morning I wake her up, I wake up, because I am somewhere unfamiliar, with someone I dont really know, but suddenly realize I want to know more of. Apparently I might be the worst person on the face of the earth to sleep next to, or the best. I dont sleep next to myself so I couldn't tell you, and all the rave reviews I get in person have been contradicted and un-contradicted today.

I start off by rubbing her back, removing her bra strap, and she moans in ecstasy as I work all my energy into her to take her to a higher place... self consciousness strikes ahold of me, neigh fear. My teeth, my mouth, morning breath, right time, right place, no kiss.

We wake up, make our way into the pool, she lounges on a inflatable chaise and I float through the water. At one point, I swim up towards her, face to face, she makes eye contact with me, and for that split second I could feel her wanting to kiss me... a bold move, striking forward and taking her, grabbing her, and as passionately as I could, kissing her.

But that never happened, I shy'd away.

Her dog got loose. She took off down the street after the dog. Frantic. In her bra and panties, I chase after her, getting one of the best views I have seen all year, of her tight beautiful ass bouncing up and down. We catch up to the dog, I grab him and pick him up, we walk back to her house, she puts her arm around my waist on the walk back. Once back home, we jump in the pool again real quick, and make plans for taking the dog to the beach.

I leave.

She text's me a little later, telling me she doesn't feel well. I tell her that black milk tea always makes me feel better. I tell her if she still feels horrible, we'll throw off the dog park, and I'll bring her some tea and rub her back.

She asks: "would you really do that for me"
"yes of course"

M calls.

She had been calling, and texting.

I had been telling her to stay away, but she insists, and tells me she is only 20 mins away from a 1:30 drive from her house to mine. I concede. Never text or call choi. Leave her a myspace a couple days later, to no response.

Call her Wednesday, telling her I wanted to go out Saturday, she says "ok but my dad.... something something (cell phones)."

I text her in the afternoon Saturday to no response.

I concede.

What happened? It took me two blogs (should have been three) to tell this story, of a behavior very UN-Me. What transpired, what should I do now? She strikes me as the girl I want on the side of the track. She's witty, Korean, highlighted hair, awesome fashion sense, drinks, in shape and fun.

Do I call her in a month, and act like a dick, and play her into my hands? I could have taken her in that drunken stupor and probably would have if it was anyone else, so why is she my kryptonite?

On the way Down....

On the way Down....

We fall forward.

More relevancy. Choi, because it cant be all that easy to find, is awesome. This girl blew me off my feet. Of all the retarded places on the face of the earth to meet her, we met on myspace... errr. sort of. She found some pictures of me from last year at a huge rave. She talked to me and added me because that is something she likes to do. And it kinda ended there.

Until a month or so later, I saw the bagel shop girl, cute as usual, at a local club and chatted her up because that is what you do with bagel shop girls. Roaming around the corner come Choi, our eyes meet, and I feel a spark (tiny little sparks). Talk laugh drink, and promise to dial those numbers we had exchanged online.

Not more than a week later, she calls me. I've just got done doing D a favor and dropping her off at the most recent crack house she is staying at, and I am sitting down for a cup of Tea as a I feel ill (maybe it was D). Answering the Phone, Choi tells me about her pre-existing buzz and wild ride up PCH to long beach to hang out with me.

Making arrangements for a local dive, a Tuesday night is a dive night, and no one does dives like this town. We meet drink a couple horrible beers, I tell her I'm sick, we move onto hard alcohol. She gets too drunk to drive, and asks me to drive her home, which I happily oblige. Pulling up to her house, she wont give me the chance to use the typical bullshit guy lines about coffee, or drinks, or hanging out as she drags me by the hand saying "cummon!"

Up into the house, into her room, I meet her adoring pit bull, possibly the sweetest dog you could think of. We sit on the bed and talk, I am fascinated by her eyes, the highlights in her hair, I move in for a kiss and


Sick was an understatement. I have not had a cold like this since a boy, and I break what had to be a 100+ fever. Still she kisses me a few times, rubs me on the back, puts me to sleep and takes care of me all night. :)

The next morning, we smoke a couple cig's on her front lawn, play fetch with her dog, and I drive her back to the bar where her car is. No goodbye kiss, just a slide out of the seat and away.

I call her in the obligatory 3 days, and she is sick, like I was. I refrain from calling her again.

Friends on myspace is really of no advantage.

And what exactly transpired here? I got mixed signal and backed off, but mostly because she was so perfect. She could drink like a champ, while remaining completely compassionate.

And back away I did.

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